'if (when you go)' reviewed in DownBeat Magazine!

April 2023 Issue

"Her vocals are impressive throughout with a less-is-more approach..."

Review of the singer's debut album

by Dan Bilawsky

Having served as a private chef, flying trapeze artist, and regisseur of enterprising circus shows, Kari Kirkland can rightly be classified as an itinerant creative. But she’s no dabbler, and it’s important to make that distinction. With each stop along her winding road Kirkland has dedicated herself to learning the ropes, and it’s no different with the one pursuit that’s actually been something of a constant in her life...

Thirteen Female Jazz Vocalists You Need To Hear

By Jeff Wilson - The Absolute Sound

Everything about the debut album by Kari Kirkland is polished. The black and white photographs on the album cover of Wild is the Wind could be ads in a fashion magazine; the arrangements skillfully frame Kirkland’s voice; and the distinguished list of guest artists includes the late Roy Hargrove on trumpet and flugelhorn. The album was arranged and produced by four-time Grammy nominee Shelly Berg. The sound is clean, velvety, and full-bodied. Kirkland has a seductive voice that blends in smoothly with arrangements that add some contemporary jazz stylings...

JazzTimes reviews 'if (when you go)'

Written by Dan Bilawski

"With a voice that's easy on the ears and heavy on the heart, this singer follows her emotional compass... using an artful blend of confidence and confidential expression."

Album review of 'Wild is the Wind'

by Jonathan Widran, the JW Vibe

As your ears attune to the pin drop purity and transcendent exquisiteness of Kari Kirkland’s soulful yet ethereal vocals on her lush, deeply intimate debut album Wild is the Wind, you may find yourself connecting so intensely to her breathy emotional invitations that you’ll wonder why this is the first time you’re hearing from her...

Review of 'Everybody Wants To Rule The World'

From Kari Kirkland's debut album, 'Wild is the Wind'

A beautifully reimagined take of the 1985 Tears for Fears’ hit “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” is a prime example of Kirkland’s ability to find jazzy expression in non-jazz material, aided by the sublime backing of Berg, guitarist Dean Parks, bassist Kevin Axt and drummer Gregg Field, A-list players all. 

Review of 'if (when you go)' by TAKE EFFECT

"Previously a trapeze artist, these days the jazz vocalist Kari Kirkland stays closer to the ground with her timeless and well thought out song craft that brings 8 contemporary covers of tunes that hosts plenty of esteemed musicians.

Interview with Greg cootsona

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