“Keeping good company while artfully walking the line where jazz and adult contemporary meet, KariKirkland proves that she’s finally right where she belongs.”  Dan Bilawsky, JazzTimes

“As your ears attune to the pin drop purity and transcendent exquisiteness of Kari Kirkland’s soulful yet ethereal vocals on her lush, deeply intimate debut album Wild is the Wind, you may find yourself connecting so intensely to her breathy emotional invitations that you’ll wonder why this is the first time you’re hearing from her.”  Jonathan Widran, The JW Vibe

“She shape shifts this cross generational set card of familiar tunes into things you think you never heard before.  You really have to have adult ears to appreciate what she’s got going on here, and if you can belly up to that bar, you’ve got it made.”  Chris Spector, Midwest Records 

“Kirkland has a seductive voice that blends in smoothly with arrangements that add some contemporary jazz stylings. I first heard Wild is the Wind on vinyl, and it may be the best-sounding new platter I’ve come across this year.” Jeff Wilson, The Absolute Sound