Wild is the Wind

Wild is the Wind, is a wistful, rich, and luscious jazz soundscape. Four-time Grammy Nominee, Shelly Berg, and Kari Kirkland transformed current pop songs into jazz masterpieces that evoke emotion and revolutionize the sound of modern jazz.

Notably recorded by Johnny Mathis, Nina Simone, David Bowie, and Barbra Streisand, the song Wild is the Wind was written in 1957 by Dimitri Tiomkin and Ned Washington. As a child, Kari connected closely with Bowie’s version, and when presented the opportunity to work with Shelly Berg, she hoped to create an album that encompassed the lyrics and melody that had so affected her early in life. Kari Kirkland’s voice and journey are embodied by Wild is the Wind.

Vitamin Shoppe Collection

Over the years, Kari Kirkland has collaborated with many artists. While living overseas for four years, she collaborated with two songwriters, Jez Thomas and Seamus McLoughlin, to create new songs and albums that speak from the heart. Closer to home, Kari worked with lyricist Steven Kendall in Vancouver, BC on a collection of songs that revolve around unrequited love.
Below are a few examples of the work that has been produced over the last two decades.

The Vitamin Shoppe

Written and recorded in Vancouver, BC. Lyrics by Steven Kendall and music by Kari Kirkland.


I Know What Fear Is

Kari co-wrote “I Know What Fear Is” with Seamus McLoughlin and sang background vocals. She is also the featured pianist.


That’s What They All Say

This song, written and recorded by UK singer/songwriter, Mark Geary was covered by Kari, solo on piano, in a style quite unlike the uptempo original! Kari met and first sang with Mark in the sleepy, magical town of Dingle, Ireland in 2012.



Kari co-wrote “Shinepath” in 2007 in Kinver, England with UK artist Jez Thomas as part of a collaboration under the Sunray Estate.


Go, Progress Go

Co-written with Jez Thomas, Kari plays piano and sings on this ballad that takes simple melodies and counter-melodies and intertwines them with spiny lyrics to create a ‘musical kaleidescope’.



Kari co-wrote and sang “Hero” with Jez Thomas. Written in 2007 during the Iraq War and inspired by the uncertainty of life during war.


Such a Price

Kari co-wrote this heartbreaking piece with Steven Kendall in Vancouver, BC. Speaking to the pain sometimes caused during relationship breakdown, this song brings simple, unrequited love and longing to the light.

“Kari is a passionate and gifted musician, both as an entertainer and a maker/creative. Whether you are experiencing her impressive body of recorded works or listening to her live and in person, there are few entertainers that come off as that authentic while still possessing a high level of professional polish. In life, to know her is to love her, which makes bearing witness to her art even more potent and joyful.”
– Julie Mains (The Juliettes)

“Kari is a very unique singer coming from a ‘jazz’ background, she is embracing very contemporary material from artists such as Taio Cruz and bringing the material into the Adult Contemporary world.”
– Gregg Field

“The clarity and elasticity in Kari Kirkland’s voice has to be heard to be believed. It’s underpinned by huge emotional depth. In all aspects of music-making, Kari is a consummate professional and it’s always a great pleasure to work with her.”
– Aidan Goldstraw