Photos of Kari Kirkland

Recording at United

Dave and Marla Thomas of Take 6 with Kari and Gary

Kari Kirkland and Bruce Springsteen

Kari and Roy Hargrove

Vocal Booth at United

Don Murray, Gregg Field, Shelly Berg, Kari, Dean Parks, and Kevin Axt – Recording at United

Dean Parks doing overdubs at Gregg Field’s studio

Kari and Gregg Field editing a recent recording

Kari at Gregg Field’s studio

Kelly and Clint Holmes with Kari

Kari Kirkland and Dean Parks – Recording at United

John Lee, Kari Kirkland, and Roy Hargrove

Kari Kirkland and LP

Reserved Recording Session – United

Working through songs

“Kari is a very unique singer coming from a ‘jazz’ background, she is embracing very contemporary material from artists such as Taio Cruz and bringing the material into the Adult Contemporary world.”
– Gregg Field

“The clarity and elasticity in Kari Kirkland’s voice has to be heard to be believed. It’s underpinned by huge emotional depth. In all aspects of music-making, Kari is a consummate professional and it’s always a great pleasure to work with her.”
– Aidan Goldstraw

“Kari is a passionate and gifted musician, both as an entertainer and a maker/creative. Whether you are experiencing her impressive body of recorded works or listening to her live and in person, there are few entertainers that come off as that authentic while still possessing a high level of professional polish. In life, to know her is to love her, which makes bearing witness to her art even more potent and joyful.”
– Julie Mains (The Juliettes)