Song-Stylist, Vocalist, and Producer  

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About once a month, you'll find out about my shows, new recordings, stories about what I'm up to, and get some insight into my musical process. Ok, and *maybe* a cute cat photo (definitely a cute cat photo).

Her vocals are impressive throughout with a ‘less-is-more’ approach…her soft delivery makes the tale of lost love resonate even more deeply.”

— DownBeat Magazine, April 2023

With a voice that’s easy on the ears and heavy on the heart, this singer follows her emotional compass… using an artful blend of confidence and confidential expression.” - Dan Bilawsky

JazzTimes March 2023

Featured Single

In a time when violence seems to pervade every waking moment of our lives, Kari and Shelly created a rendition of Sting's 'Fragile' that calms the soul, and gives us hope for a brighter, love-filled future.