Route 66 was perhaps the most iconic highway in the US. It played a significant role in American culture, travel, food and music. It inspired television shows, songs, movies, books, and became a symbol of freedom, exploration, and the American Spirit of adventure.

PS UNDERGROUND will pay homage to this historic stretch of road that ran from Chicago to Santa Monica with “Route 66: A Musical and Culinary Journey Across America.” Join us at the table to experience the timeless charm of this historic route and its incredible influence on American food, culture, and music. This electrifying evening will combine Route 66’s profound influence on American music with the rich regional delicacies from the cities and towns through which it passed. Timeless, classic songs that celebrate the allure of the open road will complement Chef Dave’s delicious, secret four-course menu, featuring a wide array of culinary traditions inspired by the diverse geographical regions along Route 66.

Please let the team know about any dietary restrictions at the time of booking. Beer, wine, and craft cocktails will flow freely through the evening.

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